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The Power of Journaling

To understand the power of journaling, visualize it as a way of giving an outlet to the very core essence of your existence. It’s not merely about chronicling your daily life events and transitory feelings.

Journaling is a total mind environment in which the thoughts you generate are formulated into patterns, allowing you, the writer, total control over your life story, and how it is to play out. If you were to write a TV series, your characters’ destinies would be literally in your hands. Whether or not they were to survive the final episode or be killed off at contract time would be at your discretion. This is the way histories are written and/or rewritten and political agendas contrived.

Within the secure walls of your conscious and unconscious mind, you will find that journaling gives you the privacy to explore your thoughts and feelings and arrange them to suit your needs. If you are satisfied with your results, you may record them for posterity.

Where they tend to displease you, edit or delete to your specifications. Shred them, if you wish, or do a ritualistic “burn”; the “Write and Burn” exercises you will apply at the Author of Your Life Workshop are intended to provide you with a safe place to discover your guilt, fears and regrets and let them go. You learn to re-context them in to acceptance of the lesson not the pain.

You need simply write about them; what they feel like, how they have affected you, and what you intend to do about what you have learned in any life experience that you hold on to with an emotional charge, positive or negative.

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