The AOYL Workshop

No one can write better about your life than yourself. You’re indeed the best author there can be for your own life. The Author of Your Life (AOYL) Workshop for Personal Empowerment Writing empowers you to become this very person.

The Author of Your Life Workshop is set up in six parts.

  • Inventory Life’s Reflections: Explore the reasons that brought you here, take a look at what you carried in with you, and focus on those things that do not serve your best interests as well as your core strengths and beliefs.
  • Completions: What is done is behind you; discover what needs to be done to resolve disruptive anguish, “Pluck the Pearl not the Pain”. Apply tools and techniques to generate a positive resolution to those things you brought into focus in your first session.
  • Vision, your next steps, how you see yourself in the future: Visualize your new image and how it will serve you in the future. The legacy of your time on earth will be addressed, how you wish to be remembered, and what it will take to achieve that goal.
  • Creation, how to manifest your dreams, complete the past and be empowered in perfecting things the way you intended them in truth: Actualize your visions through writing your life story and projecting it into the future; what you want and how you want to accomplish it. Empowerment will be yours through the intricate details of your crystal-clear visions.
  • Write your family Story: We encourage people to not only write for health, but write the stories of your life that you want to be remembered and share with your family and friends. We added this section because those wonderful stories of our parents, grandparents get lost. What would you like your grand children or generations beyond to know about you and your life here? This is fun and invigorating and something left to posterity.
  • Things to be included in our obituaries: Throughout our life, we carry the subtle burden of unspoken words and thoughts in our hearts. These may never see the light of the day during our lifetime and we may end up carrying them with us as we depart from the mortal world. Writing down stories for your obituaries is how you can prevent these precious words and thoughts from getting lost in eternity.

The Author of Your Life Workshop is presented in a nurturing environment that supports and celebrates those intrinsic gifts you possess that make you the totally unique individual you are. In essence you will become the whole person you were intended to be, uninhibited by the past, and unlimited by the future.

In our safe workshop environment, no judgments will be imposed on you, nor will you impose any on yourself, learn to shelf the “shoulds”. You will learn why you have held negative thoughts in the past, and how they impacted your life. You will learn how to leave them behind you now, and move on renewed and recommitted to your long-held dreams for the future.

You learn too, that in all of this; it’s the message (content) that is more important than the correct grammar or structure; choose substance over form always. It is the precious GIFT, to be celebrated, not judged. It is content not the structure that is important, too often people are curtailed from doing anything because they have their own self limitations of personal judgments that they are not good enough, important enough or interesting enough, and it dies in limited thought, never to “happen and be let out” and in truth what a loss that is, not only to yourself, but to your family the world.

The workshop is designed to clear the way to a clear mental path on what you want to create in your life. The Cosmos, God, Universe works in strange ways, but, it works better and more “connected” to attainment, once the clarity is there for purpose.

Dealing with Change, Finding your Way

Change your mind, you change your world. Your life path is the sum of your choices


When change happens, one in three people will find inspiration where others find imprisonment. What is their secret?

Grounded in the latest social science and enlivened by the AOYL the workshop, takes you on a your quest to unravel the mystery of change, and provides the tools that many highly adaptive people have used for centuries.

You’ll meet people–people just like you–who have explored their way through the unexpected changes of life that ultimately reveal what we are capable of as leaders, creators, parents, and friends.

Adaptation is a skill that is hard-wired in our DNA. To ignite our resilient superpowers we must learn to use three simple laws of successful adaptation–Find Freedom; Pursue Progress; Make Meaning. When we do that, we don’t just survive change. We welcome change. We stop living in fear of the next challenge we have yet to face. Instead, we start savoring the next chapter of life, regardless of how crazy or exciting, as we navigate this seemingly messed-up adventure of everyday life.

To some, the mystery of change is always about what you don’t know and too often fear, being handed any considerations you have ever had about yourself. The AOYL program creates a soft, safe environment that turns that fear into your personal adventure. Helping you to not only adapt, but be inspired by the change to write your next chapter of your life. The new thought that empowers you with the tools to handle change in a proactive positive way.

The reason that the workshop has planned sequences it is like building a foundation of principled thoughts on which to take next steps. After the workshop, as you encounter change provides reference to adapt your life encounters and create what you want out of the ether. Change your mind, you change the world.

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