7 Bad Things You Should Give Up On for Good

Many times we find ourselves stuck in life, sometimes at work, sometimes in personal relationships, and sometimes in own personal growth. This is often a result of us getting trapped into an unproductive and unhealthy cycle of patterns. These patterns may include habits that we refuse to change, thoughts we refrain from letting go, or negativity that we keep clinging on to. Here we look at the top 7 things that might be standing between you and your version of successful and happy life, and that you will need to give up on in order to bridge this gap.

  • Not Sticking by Discipline
  • The notion of discipline exists for a reason, to ensure that important things that you should be doing remain a constant factor in your life. Every time you give up on discipline for instant gratification, you’re stepping away from reaping the more fruitful results of delayed gratification. So, for instance, if you’ve planned a healthy lifestyle to follow, don’t slack off on your diet and workouts! Or if you’ve decided to do some journaling every night before sleep, make sure you do so as often as you possibly can.

  • Becoming a Control Freak
  • There’s a fine line between being disciplined and straight up control freak. A disciplined person knows when certain things are out of his sphere of influence and when he needs to give up, but a control freak would try to get a grip on even the things that are just not meant to be micromanaged. Be disciplined, not a control freak.

  • Keeping Toxic Company
  • People with whom you interact with on a daily basis do have an impact on the way you think and feel. Keep negative people around and you’ll start feeling their negativity spill into your life. On the other hand, keep positive people around and you’ll find their positivity shining into your life.

  • Having a One-track Mind
  • You can’t move mountains with a single perception, limited knowledge and fixed skill set. You need more weapons in your arsenal to accomplish your more ambitious goals. Think about the different ways in which you can open up your mind to new possibilities. Maybe by learning new skills, expanding your knowledge pool, or experimenting with different perspectives.

  • Expecting Results Too Quickly
  • The higher are your expectations, the lesser time you’re likely to wait for them to materialize. We are too consumed with the idea of seeing instant results. Going to the gym for just few days isn’t going to turn around your physique. Writing in your journal for just few days isn’t going to bring about a mind-blowing revelation and clarity. Keep your expectations reasonable because when you’re honest towards your goals you will get rewards in time.

  • Doubts in Your Own Abilities
  • Every time you’re about to do something great, do you get that nagging little voice in your head, giving you a million reasons why you can’t do that thing? Shut that voice off! It’s just a manifestation of self-doubts, something entirely of your own creation. The world doesn’t know what you can’t do, that is something that only you dictate to yourself. You have the power to quash all the negative self-talk and test out your true potential.

  • Drawing Unfair Comparisons with Others
  • We’ve all found ourselves in places where we compare ourselves with others and draw conclusions that are unfair to our own selves. Each person has his own journey to cover, own demons to conquer and own dues to pay. Don’t get jealous by what others have accomplished, they have their own story behind it. Since you’re the story maker of your happiness and success, focus on the opportunities that you have in your own life.

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