What is AOYL?

Author of Your Life (AOYL) is free-style journaling at its liberating best, offering you the essential tools for exploring the inner core of who you are, what you want, and what it is that you are all about. Finding and unlocking your core elements of strength, your “Truth” and at this point of your life the decision-making tools for finding your own personal direction in next steps.

AOYL is designed to serve as a “letting go” journaling space for you, where you can freely journal your innermost thoughts, feelings, fears, guilt and such. But you don’t have to set out on this exciting journey alone, AOYL allows you to participate in collaborative groups where you can work and share your experiences with other people. AOYL also helps you enhance your writing by offering you writing exercises and tools to practise with.

We encourage you to create an Author of Your Life writers group in conjunction with your church or among groups of friends. AOYL groups are currently meeting in several cities across the globe, and benefiting the quality of life among members.

The Author of Your Life workbook, Author of Your Life, A Living Novel, will be available online as well in print workbook.

For any questions or comments about the program, please send me an email at info@authorofyourlife.com


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